Union-Buster’s Shadowy Connections and Misinformation Campaign Exposed

In the lead-up to the historic vote at Volkswagen’s only non-unionized plant, Payday Report published an expose on Peter List, a union-busting consultant who runs a fairly well-followed podcast and news aggregator.

Payday Report recently shed light on Peter List, a large and entrenched figure in the of union-busting industry. List, in part known for his podcast and news platform LaborUnionNews.com, was accused of leveraging his platform to disseminate misinformation regarding the impending UAW election at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga plant.

In response to the expose, List addressed the allegations in a podcast episode on April 6th. Despite his denial of making massive profits from his union-busting endeavors, List’s extensive history in the union-busting industry suggests otherwise. Reports indicate that List’s firms, including Kulture Consulting and Logic Labor Relations, amass significant financial gains, with Logic Labor Relations alone reporting over $1.5 million in union-busting activities in 2023. Notable clients of List’s enterprises include major corporations such as Whole Foods, AT&T, and Coca-Cola.

Furthermore, List’s response to the Payday Report’s findings was used as an opportunity to continue the spread of misleading information about the UAW. Alongside counterparts like Richard Berman of the hilariously named “Center for Union Facts,” List attempts to stir controversy surrounding the UAW’s decision to hold a meeting in Puerto Rico. This disingenuous attempt to cast aspersions on the union’s actions falls flat. Perhaps someone should tell List and Berman that Puerto Rico is part of the United States. Furthermore, Puerto Rico is home to three UAW locals, highlighting the silliness of List’s assertions.

List’s involvement in union-busting activities and his utilization of a vast media platform to propagate misinformation should not come as a surprise. In an piece published by In These Times, List’s troubling ties to the alt-right were brought to light. The article reveals that Kulture Media, a subsidiary of Kulture Consulting and owned by Peter List, actively disseminated QAnon memes, propagated false claims of election fraud, and promoted other forms of hateful content. Notably, Kulture Media LLC, where Peter List frequently contributed his alt-right writings, has since been disbanded and purged from the internet. List was also been identified as a member of Groundswell, an alt-right collective notorious for its agenda to orchestrate a “30 front war” aimed at reshaping the nation’s fundamental fabric.