About Us

Fighting for Workers Rights

LaborLab is a nonprofit watchdog organization protecting and promoting the right of workers to collectively bargain. Every year, our work helps ensure thousands of workers have access to a voice on the job. Many of LaborLab’s current campaigns focus on tracking, monitoring, and reporting on the union-busting industry and its compliance with the law.

Unionizing your workplace isn’t just protected by the National Labor Relations Act — it’s protected by the U.S. Constitution. The First Amendment of the Constitution, which guarantees the freedom of speech, assembly, and petition, also guarantees freedom of association and is recognized by U.S. courts as a fundamental right. The freedom of association encompasses the right of the group to take collective action to pursue the interests of its members. 

When politicians make it harder to join a union and employers use union-busting tactics, they’re not just violating federal law, they’re infringing on our constitutional right to unionize. Period. Workers have a basic and fundamental right to form a union and we believe that anyone attempting to limit that right should be held accountable.