Our Right
to Unionize

Our Right
to Unionize


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Union-busters hired across the United States

Union-Busters Hired Across U.S. as Workers Continue to Organize

May 8, 2024

LaborLab Report: Alarming Rate of Delinquent Filings by Labor Relations Consultants Threatens Worker Rights

May 1, 2024

Union-Buster’s Shadowy Connections and Misinformation Campaign Exposed

April 17, 2024

Update on Revised Form LM-21 Special Enforcement Policy Issued by OLMS

April 16, 2024

Protecting the freedom to join together in unions

LaborLab is the only nonprofit watchdog organization that tracks and investigates corporate spending on union-busting. Our innovative research and reporting is shining a light on the special interests hell bent on defeating workplace democracy.

Unions promote healthy democracy, economic justice, and social justice.

Unions are democratically run organizations that have always been and continue to be the most powerful and effective counterbalance to the influence of corporate money and power in our American democracy.

Historically, wealth inequality is at its lowest when union membership is at its highest. That’s because unions improve working conditions and wages for all workers, hold corporations accountable, and ensure the rules of the economy work for the people who do the work.

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