Top Union-Busting Consultant Firms Rake in Millions in 2022

A recent analysis of LM-21 form (annual reports filed by consultants) conducted by LaborLab reveals millions paid to union busting consultants, also referred to as “persuaders,” in calendar year 2022. To date, the top five highest-paid anti-union consultant firms for union busting services in 2022 were Employer Labor Solutions/Healthcare Labor Solutions with $3,643,767, Government Resources Consultants of America Inc with $3,521,099, RoadWarrior Productions, LLC with $2,755,681, Quest Consulting with $2,509,105, and Action Resources with $1,896,131. Note that many persuaders do not report receipts from employers under the 2016 OLMS Special Enforcement Policy and many others simply have not yet filed their LM-21.

The analysis listed over 100 consultant firms that provided such services, including both large and small firms, with fees ranging from a few thousand dollars to several million dollars. However, the total amount paid to all union-busting consultants in 2022 remains unclear. It is important to note that these numbers are based only on receipts received for 2022 so far. LaborLab will continue to analyze disclosures as they are received.