Union Buster Ronn English Called-Out For “Glaring Lack of Credibility”

This week’s union buster filings call our attention to Ronn English, an independent contractor with links to Kulture and TAG. As this LM-20 shows, TAG is most likely an acronym for The Alton Group, English’s own company. Using different acronyms and name variations on different forms is a common tactic of union busters to intentionally confuse. Also, according to this LM-20, Kulture paid English $300/hour in July 2020. For those who don’t remember Kulture, refer to John See’s reporting on Peter List and the QAnon affiliated union busting firm. Case documents even reveal English mocking an NLRB proceeding.

When the NLRB ordered Sysco to cease and desist from illegal practices during a Teamsters organizing campaign, the NLRB reported that one Kulture employee refused to acknowledge that it was his own voice on a damning tape recording. The NLRB cease and desist letter goes on to describe the incident stating:

“The most glaring lack of credibility was the refusal of Brawner and [Kulture employee Ronn] English to acknowledge that the voices on a tape recording (GC Exh. 16, with GC Exh. 6 being a certified transcription thereof) were theirs’ and Weldon’s….”

“English flat-out testified that he did not recognize his own voice even though he testified that he recalled making statements reflected in the transcript. In fact, when I asked if he remembered making certain other statements contained in the recording, he flippantly answered that the voice ‘sounded a lot like Ron White to me . . . the comedian Ron White.’”

In a similar ruling against United Foods West, the board found that a different Kulture employee was not credible, stating that the employee’s “denial that he committed any unfair labor practice was given in such an exaggerated and bombastic manner, as to convince me just the opposite.”

Further information on these two cases can be found here: Sysco and UNF West.