Shadowy Consultants, Potential LMRDA Violations at Ultra Maritime

Labor tensions are brewing at Ultra Maritime in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with LaborLab raising concerns about the activities of the Labor Consulting Group. According to our investigation, three consultants – Nico Ramsey, Felicia Ramsey, and Matthew Yonka – have been meeting with organizing workers since at least April of this year. These meetings raise red flags regarding potential violations of the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA).

The crux of the issue lies in transparency. Labor law requires consultants like those from Labor Consulting Group to disclose the details of their contracts with companies like Ultra Maritime. This disclosure is essential to ensure a level playing field during worker organization efforts. However, our investigation reveals that these consultants may be knowingly hide the terms of their engagement.

Further muddying the waters are reports that Ultra Maritime might be misclassifying these consultants as employees. This tactic, if true, could be a deliberate attempt to skirt LMRDA disclosure requirements designed to protect the rights of workers. LaborLab views such maneuvers with a critical eye, as they create an unfair advantage for companies seeking to discourage unionization efforts.

In light of these concerns, LaborLab has urged the Office of Labor Management Standards (OLMS) to launch a full investigation. We believe a thorough probe is necessary to ensure transparency and hold all parties accountable.

Labor Consulting Group: Raking in Cash While Busting Unions

Labor Consulting Group (LCG) is a Detroit-based firm with a knack for making a lot of money on the backs of working people. Founded in 2010, they boast expertise in preventing unionization across various industries, claiming offices nationwide. However, a closer look reveals a curious detail: their listed Detroit address leads to a UPS store.

LCG’s bread and butter is derailing unionization efforts. They offer companies:

  • Training to keep unions at bay.
  • Strategies to win unionization elections.
  • Preemptive intervention before unionization gains traction.

While their success rate remains unclear, LCG’s financials paint a lucrative picture. They reported significant earnings from various companies in recent years. Here are a few examples:

  • Materion Corporation (2019): $376,367
  • Elementis Specialties (2022): $80,595
  • Adams Products (2022): Nearly $80,000

LCG hasn’t been in good standing with Michigan’s Secretary of State since March 2024.