UPDATED: SCR Medical Transportation Spent Over $3,500/Day In Attempt to Defeat Union

In Chicago, SCR Medical Transportation, a significant player within the Beacon Mobility family, recently saw a groundswell of support for unionization among dispatchers, team leads, and facilitators, resulting in the majority of units and workers voting to join Teamsters Local Union 727. Despite employing aggressive anti-union tactics, such as the engagement of anti-union “persuader” consultants at a rate of $3,500 a day and delays in disclosures that may have violated labor laws, SCR Medical Transportation only succeeded in thwarting the unionization of one unit. Multiple others, however, demonstrated strong support for union representation. Despite concerns about compliance with Executive Order 13494 due to potential receipt of Medicaid and Medicare funds, the positive outcome of the vote underscores the determination and solidarity of the workers in their pursuit of fair representation and collective bargaining rights.

What you need to know
  • SCR Medical Transportation is based in Chicago, IL provides ADA Paratransit services with reported annual revenue exceeding $100 million.
  • SCR Medical Transportation hired at least four union-busters from firms like East Coast Labor Relations, ICWE, and Quality Labor Solutions for coercive anti-union persuasion. The consultants were paid $3,500 a day for months to dissuade workers from collective bargaining.
  • Late disclosures by the anti-union persuaders violated the Labor Management Relations and Disclosure Act (LMRDA), granting an unfair advantage to the employer.
  • SCR Medical Transportation likely receives Medicaid and Medicare dollars, which could have implications regarding violations of Executive Order 13494.

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