Premiere Staffing: Alleged Violations of Labor Disclosure Laws and Union-Busting Tactic

In a recent investigation conducted by LaborLab, Premiere Staffing, a staffing agency located in Lincolnshire, IL, has come under scrutiny for allegedly engaging in anti-union practices. In October, Premiere Staffing reportedly hired the services of the Independent Center for Worker Education to conduct anti-union “persuasion” campaigns targeting housekeepers seeking to join UNITE HERE! Local 1.

Furthermore, Independent Center for Worker Education has also subcontracted Solutions Labor Relations Consultants to assist in their union-busting campaign.

LaborLab’s investigation has revealed potential violations of Section 203 of the Labor Management Relations and Disclosure Act (LMRDA) by the hired union-busting firms. Independent Center for Worker Education failed to fulfill their obligations under this section by not notifying the U.S. Department of Labor in a timely manner about their involvement in opposing the union. Additionally, Independent Center for Worker Education neglected to disclose the terms, conditions, and compensation of their union-busting contract.

This revelation raises concerns about the transparency of labor practices, as disclosure laws are crucial in safeguarding the fundamental right to unionize. LaborLab emphasizes the importance of adherence to these laws to ensure fairness, equity, and protection for workers seeking to organize.