Labor Advocacy Group Files Complaint Against Chuck Ahern for Failure to Disclose Union-Busting Profits

LaborLab, a union-busting industry watchdog, has filed a complaint against Chuck Ahern for his failure to fulfill the mandatory financial disclosure requirements outlined in the Labor Management and Disclosure Act (LMRDA). The Office of Labor Management Services, responsible for enforcing the LMRDA, expects individuals, particularly anti-union “persuasion” consultants, to disclose the precise amount they have been paid by companies for engaging in union-busting activities.

Despite Ahern’s previous acknowledgments of being hired by companies to undermine unions, he has neglected to reveal the extent of his financial gains. This omission prompted the complaint filed by LaborLab, which alleges noncompliance with the legal obligations established by the LMRDA.

Chuck Ahern, who holds the title of President of the Western Division within The Burke Group, has made appearances in multiple LM-20 filings submitted by the company, operating under various names such as Labor Information Services and Burke & Associates. Additionally, Ahern has been listed in LM-21 filings also submitted by The Burke Group. While Ahern has dutifully filed LM-20 forms in recent years, he has failed to submit any LM-21 filings. It is important to note that Ahern consistently designates himself as an “individual” in these filings, indicating his sole proprietorship status.

The combination of Ahern’s position, his involvement in union-busting activities, and the absence of LM-21 filings has raised concerns that he may be evading his responsibility to provide essential financial disclosures. The complaint filed by LaborLab aims to address this issue and hold Ahern accountable for any potential noncompliance with the LMRDA’s requirements.

By neglecting to disclose his financial gains derived from anti-union activities, Ahern’s actions may undermine transparency, impair the ability to monitor potentially unethical practices, and hinder the establishment of fair labor relations. LaborLab’s complaint seeks to shed light on this matter and ensure that individuals involved in labor management maintain the necessary transparency and accountability within their operations.