Top Spenders on Anti-Union “Persuaders” in 2022 Revealed, as Amazon Leads the Pack

According to LaborLab’s analysis of calendar year 2022 LM-10reports filed by employers, the big spenders on anti-union “persuaders” have been revealed, including Amazon at a whopping $14,279,056, McLean Hospital at $1,711,388, and Rochester Health Center at $1,303,527. These companies hired multiple persuader consultants to discourage unionization among their workers. The production and maintenance workers and nurses were the main targets of the anti-union “persuaders.”

Note that many employers who “owe” LM-10s have yet to do so, which means that this list is not yet complete.

Nurses, who have been labeled “essential” throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, are consistently attacked for their efforts to form unions. Despite being the backbone of the healthcare system, nurses are often denied basic workplace protections and benefits. Patients in unionized workplaces have been shown to have better health outcomes, yet companies continue to fight against unionization efforts.

The current definition of a “persuader” is an anti-union consultant who meets directly with workers, using an “advice” loophole in labor law to avoid being labeled as a persuader. This loophole has allowed companies to effectively hire union-busting consultants without having to report it. To fix this, the US Department of Labor must reinstate the persuader rule, which would require companies to report any expenditures on anti-union consultants, providing transparency and accountability in the unionization process.

It is time for companies to stop using underhanded tactics to deny workers their right to organize and form unions. The current system is rigged against workers, and it is up to the US Department of Labor to take action and ensure that workers have the power to fight for their rights and improve their workplaces.

Join us in our fight for workers’ rights and sign our petition calling on the President to reinstate the persuader rule. Let’s hold companies accountable and bring transparency to the anti-union “persuader” industry >>>